Project Brief

Apetis is the first vegan restaurant in Bucharest. The brand promotes healthy, fresh and only natural ingredients thus making unique recipes.


The concept of Apetis restaurant reflects a fresh and healthy lifestyle. The resonant name and the colorful graphics complement the values of a vegan based brand.

Apetis represents the love for fruits and vegetables, for unique and tasteful recipes and undiscovered dishes.


Menu Cover

The menu cover consists in a minimal approach, the design revolving around three graphic vegetable representative for the brand.


Apetis color palette is inspired from nature and represents the colors from three different vegetable: the salad, the eggplant and the carrot.

  • Green

    RGB: #3d6336

  • Plum

    RGB: #371820

  • Orange

    RGB: #ce7644


Cheddar Jack
Andale Mono

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