Project Brief

HaiHui Travel is the traveling brand for young spirited and creative people. It is designed to be a disruptive travel agency that offers more than the experience of traveling.


HaiHui Travel represents the experience as a mix of the spirit of traveling, taste, architecture, local customs and the discovery of the places least known in a city.

HaiHui Travel offers mid-ranged trips for groups of young people that consider traveling an adventure filled with vibrations and authenticity.


Brand Colors

The colors represent the 5 values of HaiHui in order:
passion, energy, balance, curiosity and friendship.

  • Red

    RGB: #bc3a3d

  • Orange

    RGB: #cf5e34

  • Blue

    RGB: #2e294e

  • Turquoise

    RGB: #488080

  • Green

    RGB: #a9bc6d


The fonts mixed in designing the logo are joyful and young, representing the HaiHui brand spirit. The bold and bigger word "travel" is designed to emphasize the adventure of traveling that awaites you.

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