Project Brief

JSHacks is the first Javascript based hackathon in Bucharest. It's main purpose is to develop web application in the course of a weekend using Javascript frameworks and technologies.


The concept of space represents the vast and undiscovered places of Javascript programming. We programmers, as spacemen, are embarking in a journey of discovery and creation of web applications for the benefit of the mankind.

Javascript entusiast, changemakers, friends and visionaries, community builders. We all are in this together.



Event Poster

The first JSHacks event took place in 2 European capital cities: Bucharest and Chisinau in the same weekend.

Programmers from Romania and The Republic of Moldavia had the chance of developing awesome web applications in parallel.


JSHacks brand color palette consists in 4 dark base colors and represent the beauty and the void of the space.
The other 5 neon colors complement the brand and emphasize the energy of this space.

  • Dark Blue

    RGB: #101b39

  • Purple

    RGB: #352254

  • Blue

    RGB: #2a3354

  • Green

    RGB: #2e4e5a

  • Neon Pink

    RGB: #e9467e

  • Neon Blue

    RGB: #3faafb

  • Neon Purple

    RGB: #ad5fff

  • Neon Green

    RGB: #a5f312

  • Neon Orange

    RGB: #f4aa33


Nasalization Regular
Josefin Sans

Icon Set

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