Project Brief

Little Unicorn is a brand that consists of atemporal, minimal and fine jewellery. All items are made only from 14k, 18k gold and silver.


Little Unicorn is a minimal and suede brand reprezented by pale colors and feminine typography.

The brand is a tribute to beauty and simplicity. All jewellery is handmade in a small studio in Bucharest.


Typo version

The typographic logo version serves as an identifier of the name and the unicorn design.

Stamp version

The stamp version is made to be used on gift cards and packaging and represents the minimal version of the brand logo.


The colors represent the minimal and nude
aspects of the brand.

  • Nude

    RGB: #eddace

  • Cream

    RGB: #f8ceac

  • Gray

    RGB: #777272

  • Dark Blue

    RGB: #1f1847


Lauren Regular
Josefin Sans

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