Project Brief

MyAles is the marketplace for small services that help every household in it's everyday needs. It also promotes small businesses to get to the market and offer their services to more clients.


MyAles is a Romanian brand therefore it revolves around national values. The logotype represents Brancusi's Endless Column in a minimal style. The brand is a symbol for growing and evolving with every small business and service.

MyAles as a platform offers the guarantee of high quality services, transparency with it's users and encourages development of lasting businesses.



Brand Colors

The colors in different shades of purple represent the quality and seriousness of the platform,
with purple as a royal color.

  • Dark Purple

    RGB: #43344c

  • Purple

    RGB: #5f4a72

  • Light Purple

    RGB: #786687


The main font is a serif typeface emphasizing the professional attitude of the name, whereas the second one has the role of balancing the brand.

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