Project Brief

Nocimo is a premium apparel brand that consists in trading fine exquisite fabrics, materials and accessories.


Nocimo concept integrates the premium quality, the french lilly symbol and the N letter which is the capital letter of the owner's name.

Nocimo is a family business thus the brand representation is composed from the family's seal which holds the two main symbols: the lilly and the N letter in various interpretations.



Brand Colors

The colors emphasize the high quality of the brand and it's suede part
by the nude and pale complementary colors.

  • Burgundy

    RGB: #461220

  • Lila

    RGB: #c2b0c3

  • Nude

    RGB: #eed0ba

  • Light Gray

    RGB: #b9b9b9


The main font indicates furthermore the importance of the N letter and the business name derived from the owner's name.

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