Project Brief

Savoro is a food delivery brand that offers a healthy alternative to your everyday food and bread. Its main product is the four-seeded freshly baked bread that is delivered at your job for you to enjoy it there or at home.


Savoro concept is a mix between a healthy and a luxury bread brand. Thus, a mix between flavours, tastes, textures and colors, with high nutritional value for a healthy body.

Savoro website offers three different bread subscriptions custom made for every person's level of daily needs.


Original version

The full logo version is meant to behave like
a premium brand label, geometric and sharp.

Thin version

The thin version is meant to be used on minimal contexts
and to emphasize the name of the brand.


The colors represent a mix between
a premium bread brand and health.

  • Black

    RGB: #000000

  • Dark green

    RGB: #1b330c

  • Gold

    RGB: #edda8c


Footlight MT Light

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