Project Brief

Think Economics is a company that contributes to the financial education of young people and millennials through custom made trainings and workshops.


Think Economics concept revolves around financial education in our times and needs. The brand offers workshops, trainings, discussions and materials for every person's needs.

As young people lack the knowledge of smart investments and financial instruments, Think Economics aims to provide the essentials in a better understanding of this domain.



Brand Colors

The colors emphasize the seriousness of the brand
complemented with friendly and nude colors.

  • Orange

    RGB: #e8824f

  • Nude

    RGB: #d6bfb4

  • Dark Gray

    RGB: #383e42

  • Black

    RGB: #000000


The main font has the role of emphasize the word "Think" along with the brain graphic while the second font is meant to balance the name.

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